and my people are a rock throwing people.

from our earliest beginnings, we are compelled to pick up the stones around us and let them fly. the first humans learned this, and subsequent societies refined it. even in modern times, there are children confronted with armies equipped with superior firepower and numbers, who respond to the challenge of armed aggression by standing in the streets and throwing rocks. it is deeply ingrained in our nature.

from the heft of the hand, to the sling, to the trebuchet, to the exoplanetary mass driver, we expand our reach. the scale changes, but the principle remains.

there are always bigger rocks to throw, and better ways of throwing them. this was true before contemporary weaponry, and it will still be true when such weapons exist only as distant memories.

wherever humanity may go, with this truth in our hearts, from the smallest pebble to the largest asteroid, may it stand as our eternal defense.

my people are a rock throwing people.